The list below shows all releases for Rank It WP. If you’ve upgraded recently and have an issue, please contact us here.

Version 1.3.3

Released 6/23/2016

Fixed issue with submission links pointing to internal pages instead of external link.

Version 1.3.2

Released 6/19/2016

  • Fixed related links pointing to external links instead of on-site ones
  • Removed nonce fields from login and register forms to avoid issues with caching
  • Click on vote box itself has no effect now, used to go to the single page
  • Adding background color for comments by submission author

Version 1.3.1

Released 5/6/2016

Fun Stuff:
  • Added submit category widget
  • Added submission widget
  • Tested against WP 4.5.2
  • Added heart and star voting icons
  • Adding comment author name to comment display
  • Minor font size consistency changes
Dev Stuff:
  • Including source JS and CSS files in theme ZIP
  • Output login form directly instead of using wp_login_form
  • Added core do_action for login_form and register_form
  • Added post ID to wpri_submit_link filter
  • Added action: wpri_get_setting filter for changing settings on output, setting value as first arg, option name as second
  • Added action: wpri_modal_login_form_top
  • Added action: wpri_modal_login_form_bottom
  • Added action: wpri_modal_register_form_top
  • Added action: wpri_modal_register_form_below_submit
  • Added filter: wpri_submit_cat_widget_args
  • Added filter: wpri_submission_widget_args
  • Added action: wpri_submission_widget_single_top
  • Added action: wpri_submission_widget_single_bottom
  • Added default submissions sidebar if no post type is declared
  • Replaced "wpri_listing_wrap_"actions with "wpri_comment_listing_wrap_" actions in partial-comments-author.php and added comment and post ID arguments
  • Fixed related submission output
  • Fixed translations and English source PO
  • Fixed SSL login issue
  • Fixed interim login on the back-end
  • Fixed date-grouped submissions ordered by vote count

Version 1.3

Released 9/21/2015

For all users
  • Added featured image support for submissions, editable only by admins; added supporting settings to control the display and layout on listing and single display
  • Added links and pages for top content for all time, previous year, previous month, previous week, and previous day. These links can be added automatically to the submission listing pages using a setting, to the main navigation by adding links, or to a widget by adding a new menu
  • Added the ability to add widgets to single submission and submission listing pages
  • Added a Google Font name field to control the font for the whole site, both the main front-end pages of the site and the edit profile for Contributors and below
  • Added submission tags, only editable by admins
  • Added the ability to allow duplicate links on the site (previously would not allow links that had already been submitted)
  • New text field to control the name and URL slug for categories and tags
  • Categories and tags can now be displayed on the submission listing page as well as the single page
  • Minor tweaks to mobile layout
  • Added “all” and “none” selection for multiple checkboxes
  • Added Vine, Tumblr, and Pinterest links to user profile, changed icon styling
  • Added a text field for link text on Submissions with links
  • Added Edit Profile button on all user profile pages for users with the correct capability
  • Added a setting to control the base font size for the site
  • Added a Spanish translation
  • Fixed a bug where creating a submission in the admin would not add the initial vote from the author
  • Fixed a bug where new installs would not properly save the defaults, leading to the login form not appearing
  • Fixed header shadow and background color layout
  • Fixed an issue with login pages for sites without a header image
  • Translation fixes in a few places
Developer notes
  • Switched from FontAwesome to custom icon font compiled by
  • WpRankItSettings::get_setting() changed to WpRankItSettings::get() with deprecated notice
  • New settings on upgrades should save rational defaults, first install should save all defaults
  • Rewrite rules flushed on settings save
  • Added post type specific classes for widgets
  • Added WP-CLI add-on to generate dummy content
  • Changed /includes/lookup.php to /includes/data-lookup.php
  • Linking to Remodal script directly on the page instead of bundling it with the rest of the JS
  • WpRankItHot::upvote() now accepts a second argument for the user ID
  • Moved wprankit_body_class() and wprankit_post_class() hook functions from /functions.php to /includes/theme-display-actions.php
New or changed settings
  • Require unique links? (Submission process)
  • Primary site color (Site Style)
  • Voting icon (Site Style)
  • Google Font name (Site Style)
  • Base font size (Site Style)
  • Featured image shape in listings (Site Style)
  • Featured image on single display (Site Style)
  • What post types should use a featured image? (Site Display)
  • Where to show Categories (Site Display)
  • Where to show Tags (Site Display)
  • What post types should show share links? (Site Display)
  • Show top links on listing pages? (Site Display)
  • Text for "Top" section and link (Other Site Text)
  • Text for top links for all time (Other Site Text)
  • Text for "Year" section and link (Other Site Text)
  • Text for "Month" section and link (Other Site Text)
  • Text for "Week" section and link (Other Site Text)
  • Text for "Day" section and link (Other Site Text)
  • Submission categories public name (Other Site Text)
  • Submission categories URL slug (Other Site Text)
  • Submission tags public name (Other Site Text)
  • Submission tags URL slug (Other Site Text)
  • Text for external link (Other Site Text)

Version 1.2

Released 3/18/2015

  • Added an option to allow/restrict voting, comments, and submission by role
  • Re-styled settings page, including section navigation
  • Added an option for top-of-site content
  • Added an option to allow single or multiple category selection
  • Added an option to require categories
  • Added an option to hide, show, or require the link field
  • Added text settings for the comment form header, submit form header, "not authorized" warning, homepage title, and homepage description
  • Date-sorted homepage now shows "today" and "yesterday" instead of dates for the same, also sorts by algorithm within the date groups (for sites with WordPress 4.0 and greater)
  • Improved the rating calculation cron process for sites with many submissions
  • Submit category archive pages now show correct name and description; these pages can now be sorted by algorithm or date
  • Hovering on published submissions highlights blue, a click anywhere besides the headline, author avatar, or vote box will go directly to the submission
  • Improve login and registration process to fix errors and avoid issues

Version 1.1.1

Released 2/17/2015

  • Fixed the issue with non-admins being unable to vote

Version 1.1

Released 2/14/2015

Important: When you upgrade to this version, make sure to go to wp-admin > Settings > Permalinks and click the blue Save Settings button at the bottom (no need to change anything). There were a couple of modifications to the URL structure that need to get saved this way.
  • Added the option to have sticky header navigation
  • Added a "Comments" tab on the user profile
  • Added a German translation
  • Removed "Menu" text from the mobile menu and tweaked the styling a bit to account for it
  • Minor style tweaks
  • Clearing out login error messages when switching tabs
  • Redirecting all wp-admin pages for Subscribers, Contributors, and Authors
  • Switched "allowed user" setting to roles (was colliding with certain plugins)
  • Fixed an issue with Twitter links on the user profile
  • Fixed an issue with post slugs not being created for non-admin users
  • Fixed an issue with one-click publishing causing submissions to appear without post slugs
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect submissions showing on the user profile "Voted" tab

Version 1.0.3

Released 12/4/2014

  • Better user profile URLs
  • Show pending submissions in the user profile
  • Adding settings field for submission complete text

Version 1.0.2

Released 12/1/2014

See homepage for list of launch features.

Version 1.0.1

Released 11/20/2014

Beta release, not made public.